Distributor Valleyarm Reach Royalty Settlement With The Snowdroppers

The Australian arm of digital distribution company Valleyarm have reached a settlement over royalties with Sydney blues rockers The Snowdroppers, after the band took to social media this week accusing the company of owing them thousands in unpaid royalties.

The band titled their Facebook post “a public service announcement”, and alleged that Valleyarm had for months been unresponsive to their requests to recoup thousands of dollars in royalty payments due to them for the iTunes distribution of their album.

In a statement to Music Feeds Valleyarm have announced that they have now reached “an amicable full and final settlement with Snowdroppers”.

“Valleyarm is an Australian Company and provides digital distribution for thousands of independent and major artists and labels globally,” reads the statement. “It values all of its artist and label relationships and operates in an ethical and transparent nature. Some issues left from previous administration are being addressed in as timely a manner as possible.”

The Snowdroppers have confirmed with Music Feeds that an “amicable agreement in principal has been reached” between the two parties, adding that it is “subject to and pending the receipt of a properly executed Settlement Agreement and confirmation that settlement proceeds today apparently remitted by Valleyarm, have actually been credited to Snowdroppers’ nominated account.”

In the initial March 30th Facebook post that started the public battle, Snowdroppers band member Pauly K explained that the band first found out about the money Valleyarm owed them money for royalties “over two years ago” and have subsequently battled with the company to recoup what was allegedly owed to them.

According to the band, in August 2014, “Valleyarm mysteriously paid $2000 of the money owed – still leaving over $8600 (including interest and legal costs), and then went back to giving us the silent treatment.” Valleyarm tell Music Feeds that $2000 was an amount for which the band had previously invoiced.

In a subsequent Facebook post on the same evening, The Showdroppers thanked followers for their support and appealed for anyone else who had experienced similar issues with Valleyarm to come forward.

Neither The Showdroppers not Valleyarm commented on the details of the deal.

UPDATE 02/04/15, 9:14am: The Snowdroppers have made a follow-up statement on Facebook confirming that they have in fact reached an “amicable settlement” with Valleyarm adding that, “we’ve also been made aware several other artists we’ve spoken to over the last couple of days have also been paid.”

“We’d like to sincerely thank our fans and fellow musicians for the overwhelming amount of support you’ve shown us. Time for us to get on with the business of making music,” continues the statement.

“We’ve decided to make a donation to a great charity founded by APRA: who provide a safety net for musicians facing financial hardship. A great cause next time you’re looking for a charity to get behind.”

Note they have also removed their two initial Facebook posts. Read the new statement below.

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