Download: Yukon Snakes Debut EP ‘Horse And Hound’

Yukon Snakes has released his debut EP Horse and Hound via SoundCloud. The Brisbane-based producer has been working behind the scenes for years, selling his beats to international hip hop artists and producing local indie talent the likes of Emma Louise and The Boat People.

With a passion for a wide array of genres, Yukon Snakes is ready to step out from behind the mixing desk and have his name front and centre, with debut Horse and Hound. Harvested from some of Snake’s favourite musical moments. Horse and Hound is a hybrid of genres and disciplines, shaken, stirred and smoothly blended together.

Blissfully chilled with just enough electro buzz to keep you awake, Yukon Snakes’ Horse and Hound will have you daydreaming with the breeze on your face and the sun on your shoulders. Horse and Hound is free for the taking from Yukon Snakes’ SoundCloud, and you can have a listen to the 4-track EP below.

Download: Yukon Snakes – Horse and Hound

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