Drum Circles Can Potentially Kill You, All Hippies At Risk

Once again, science has made all our lives a little better – following a investigatory piece at the hands of Discover, it has been proven that drum circles can be bad for your health, and participating in one could potentially kill you. The only sure-fire way to make sure you don’t fall victim is to abandon the practice. Forever. Starting now.

The article is based on the case of a New Hampshire woman who fell very ill back in December 2009, after demonstrating severe flu-like symptoms. Hospital tests confirmed there were traces of anthrax in her system. In a case worthy of House M.D. himself, the anthrax was traced back to a drumming circle she had partaken in a full week before becoming sick. It was found that, as Discover puts it, “several of the drums were made of animal skins harbouring, unbeknownst to the joyful percussionists, healthy colonies of anthrax spores.”

It’s believed spores made their way through the air, and onto the woman’s food. The Centre For Disease Control paints an disturbing yet accurate portrait of the subcultural phenomenon:

“These drumming circles typically involved 30–40 persons from the local community sitting in a circle and drumming or dancing. They occurred monthly and lasted approximately 2 hours. Many attendees brought their own drums, although the community organization had dozens of drums stored in the basement for use during these events.

“A total of 72 persons attended the December 4 event, and a total of 59 drums were present, including 17 drums that participants brought from home (1).”

59 DRUMS! 72 HIPPIES! PLUS ANTHRAX! That is truly a terrifying image.

And if you thought this was a one off, think again, because this isn’t the first time that Mother Nature herself has plotted against the dreaded drum circle. Back in 2007 two drummers experienced similar ailments after purchasing goats skin from Guinea to make their own drums.

According to the report, the woman was in hospital for two months following the poisoning – a dire warning for those who feel inclined to keep drum circles a ‘thing’.

So, yes, finally there is a valid, scientific reason to avoid drum circles at all costs. Thank you, Discover.

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