Iron Maiden, Anthrax Join For Historic Gig At ‘World’s Heaviest Building’

Two bands, both heavy in their own right, have joined forces for a gig that has been hailed as historic by all those who concern themselves with such things. Performing at the ‘World’s Heaviest Building’, also referred to as Romanian Palace of the Parliament, will be Iron Maiden and big 4 members Anthrax.

Maybe we should back up a little here. The Roman Palace of the Parliament is technically listed as the world’s largest civilian building by the World Record Academy. At 3,700,000 square feet, the building locals call ‘Palatul Parlamentului’ boasts one million cubic meters of marble, 3,500 tons of crystal and 700,000 tons of steel and bronze, according to Loud Wire.

It is here that we lay our scene. Out front of the building, Maiden and Anthrax will be putting on what is sure to be an absolutely out-of-control performance for their Romanian fans. Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson is currently raving about the show, telling fans, “Thanks to modern technology, we were able to update and improve the original production … Maiden England brings us an impressive and new light show, stage arrangement, various embodiments of Eddie, lots of pyrotechnics and all sorts of exciting elements.”

This means that the band will be performing a similar show to that seen on the recent run of UK dates under the moniker Maiden England. This footage is going to be sick.

Here’s to hoping they have a very comprehensive insurance policy.

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