Duran Duran Want Kanye To Do The Bond Theme

For some reason that can only come down to the fact that they’re currently on the press circuit with a new album and know that saying something about Kanye is a sure fire way to get some publicity, Duran Duran have expressed their desire for Kanye West to do the theme for the next James Bond movie.

Ah shit and it’s worked too, cause here I am writing about it. YOU WIN THIS ROUND DURAN DURAN!

Talking to the Daily Star, the veteran outfit, who as a matter of fact performed the theme song for 1985 007 film A View To Kill, and thus know a bit more about it than you, said they weren’t huge fans of the rumour that Ellie Goulding is set to be the next Bond theme queen, instead offering up old mate Yeezy as a superior alternative.

“I don’t see Ellie Goulding for Bond,” bassist John Taylor told the Star, “Kanye West, Daft Punk or somebody interesting would be better. How about Florence And The Machine?” before drummer Roger Taylor chimed in with, “I think Kanye would do a great job of taking it down a different avenue.”

Uhh, fuck yeah he would. Imagine a Kanye helmed Bond theme, with all the bombast and auto-tune we’ve come to love (or loathe if you’re one of those dumbhead Kanye haters) kicking in after Daniel Craig shoots the shit out of someone and bangs a Ukrainian supermodel. Yes plz.

I’m picturing it a little like Blood On The Leaves. Thoughts?

Listen: Kanye West – Blood On The Leaves

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