Elderly Couple Who Partied ‘Till 5am Write Thank You Letter To London Club

An elderly couple from Poland who partied ’till dawn at London’s Fabric nightclub last month have expressed their gratitude towards the club in an amazing letter of thanks.

Following up on their epic all-nighter, which involved them buying tickets to the ‘WetYourSelf’ night online from Poland, the internet-famous 70-year-olds have written to Fabric owner Jacob Hansen for his outstanding hospitality, and for the experience they had on the night.

Hansen has shared the couple’s letter (below), which has been translated from Polish into English. In it, the couple recount their experience of being served hot tea by Hansen, dancing with “young Londoners who also welcomed us very warmly” and being given a mug by a punter which had “Handsome Hustler” printed on it.

Part of the A+ letter reads:

“I’ve got a dream to visit the Fabric and listen to the music since 8 years. In our opinion, Fabric is the best club in London. There are no such words to describe the atmosphere and the great fun.

“These moments sunk in the memory for the rest of life. It is a huge club, the interior is mysterious, the acoustics is fantastic. The sound is coming from all sides and reaching people on the dance floor.

“As a proof of having one free drink in Fabric, I still have a coupon for another one. The promoter of the party, Mr Jacob Hansen, served us tea by himself. He took us to the balcony for VIP where he worked and played music as DJ Jacob Husley.

“We had a great view on the London clubbers and on the dancefloor. After an hour, we took the lift down and went to the dancefloor where we stayed until 5 a.m. In the end, at 5 a.m. , as promised by Mr Hansen, we were given a taxi on the house.”

Read the amazing letter in its entirety, below.

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