Electronic Music Conference Locks In 2015 Venue, Dates & Keynote Speaker

The Asia-Pacific’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC) will return in 2015, to be held at Sydney’s Ivy complex, and will feature a keynote speech by house and techno pioneer Carl Cox when it kicks off on 1st December.

Cox, one of the most respected names in dance music, began as a DJ in the mid-80s. His electronic music radio show Global now has 17 million weekly listeners who take his opinions very, very seriously.

EMCPlay, which in 2014 featured over 120 Aussie artists in public showcase events in various Kings Cross venues, will return this year as a one-night event. Applications and venue details are still to be announced.

EMC Conference Programmer Jane Slingo says, “We have seen a number of Australian electronic music artists dominating internationally over the past few years.”

“One of our key focuses for EMC is connecting our emerging and export-ready talent with potential partners in leading and fast growing international markets for electronic music such as Asia and North America.”

EMC 2015 will feature keynotes, masterclasses, panels, networking events, parties and tailored interviews. The conference, which launched back in 2012, will be offering tiered delegate passes for the first time this year.

EMC founder Neil Ackland says EMC is more than just an industry conference. “It’s also a forum for new and emerging artists and industry members to make connections and gain valuable insights into the electronic music industry,” he says.

EMC 2015 will be held on Tuesday, 1st and Wednesday 2nd December. Relive one of last year’s panel discussions and view 2015 ticket details, below. For more information, visit the EMC website.

UPDATE 21/09/15: EMC have unveiled their second round of speakers for the 2015 conference.

UPDATE 25/11/15: Over 30 new speakers have been added to the 2015 EMC lineup, including Armin Van Buuren, Will Sparks and What So Not’s Chris Emerson. Catch the updated lineup in full, below.

Watch: EMC 2014: Meet the team behind the Flume phenomenon

New EMC 2015 Speakers

Alex Intas

Anand Krishnaswamy

Andee Frost

Armin Van Buuren

Carly Roberts

Caroline Gates

Chris Emerson/What So Not

Chris White

Daniel Michael

Duane Buriani-Gennai

Gareth Watkins

Harry Kastanevas

Jack Love

Jana Dankmeyer

Janette Bishara

Jasper Wagenmans

Jordan Kretchmer

Josh Carr-Hilton

Kaz James


Matt Nugent

Nergal Youkhana

Pat Ward

Paul Hammil

Rob Glass

Steven Papas

Stuart Balfour

Vice Versa

Wade Cawood

New EMC 2015 Sessions

Optimising your Marketing Spend for the Modern Music Fan

Cult Crews or Super Clubs: Where are Australia’s party people going?

The Trials & Tribulations of Touring Internationals in Australia

Ask the music lawyers anything

Meet the Team: MaRLo

The EMC Artist Panel

Getting your tunes into the right hands (and ears)

The future of EDM in Asia

Full EMC 2015 Lineup (Alphabetical)

Adam Booth (Weez)

Adam Lewis

Alex Intas

Ali Tomoana

Alice Kimberely

Amba Shepherd

Anand Krishnaswamy

Andee Frost

Andrew Levins

Angus O’Loughli

Anna Fitzgerald

Anthony Garvin

Arlo Enemark

Armin Van Buuren

Ayudita Hariadi

Ben Dennis

Ben Suthers


Blake Coppelson


Brett Fischer

Carl Cox

Carl West

Carly Roberts

Caroline Gates

Chris Arnott

Chris Emerson/What So Not


Damian Cunningham

Dave Stuart

Dave Winnel

Dean Paps


Denise Klein

Denise Melanson

DJ Butcher

DJ I-Dee

Dom Furber

Douglas Brandalise

Duane Buriani-Gennai

Elk Road

Erin Flanagan

Eva Guss

Frank Rodi


Gareth Davies

Gilles Peterson

Go Freek

Harry Kastanevas


Hot Dub Time Machine


Itch-E & Scratch-E


Jack Love

James Roberts

Jana Dankmeyer

Janette Bishara

Jasper Wagenmans

Jeff Drake

Jess Beston

Jessica Krishnaswamy

Jim Poe

Joe Conneelly

Jordan Kretchmer

Josh Carr-Hilton

Kaz James

Karen Hamilton

Katie Cunningham

Katt Niall

Keiran Dole

Kelly Burge

Kid Kenobi

Kids at Midnight


Kimberly Yao

Klaus Heavyweight Hill


Laura Treacy

Lauren Mikkor


Liz Ferguson

Liz Miller


Luke ‘Spags’ Giannoukas

Luke Udorovic

Made in Paris

Marc Scarborough

Marcos Boffa


Martin Novosel

Mashd N Kutcher

Matt Nugent

Matt Stafford

Matthew Smith

Michel Palazzo

Michelle Owen

Michelle Xen

Mickey Kojak

Mike Monday

Millie Millgate

Monique Rothstein

Nergal Youkhana

Nick Braban

Nick Greco

Nick Groff

Nina Las Vegas

Nui Te Koha



Paddy Scace

Pat Ward

Paul Cunningham

Paul Hammil

Pia Del Mastro

Rachael Neumann

Raye Antonelli

Rebecca Florence

Reggie Ba-Pe

Richard Moffat

Rob Glass

Rob Scott

Rob Woo


Sam Korotkov

Saran Bajaj

Sebastien Fava-Verde

Set Mo

Simon Beckingham

Simon Digby


Spenda C

Stephane 1993

Stephane Elmosnino

Stephen Digby

Stephen Wade

Steven Papas

Stuart Balfour

Styalz Fuego / Kaelyn Beh



The Meeting Tree

The Potbelleez

The Presets


Timmy Trumpet

Tkay Maidza

Toby & Pete

Tom Piper


Torren Foote

Trent Grimes


Tyson Koh


Vanessa Picken

Vi Hermens

Vice Versa

Wade Cawood

Wax Motif

Will Sparks


Yolanda Be Cool

Zaran Vachha

Electronic Music Conference 2015

Tuesday, 1st – Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

Ivy Complex, Sydney

Tickets: Electronic Music Conference

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