A Eurovision Contestant Plans To Perform In The Nude With Live Wolves At This Year’s Event

Eurovision would be nothing without its healthy dosage of strange but a Belarusian singer looks as if he’s going to take it to the next level for this year’s contest.

Alexander Ivanov (who performs as IVAN), the 21 year-old entrant for Belarus, is rumoured to be planning to perform his track Help You Fly in the nude with two live wolves by his side in Sweden this year.

Rehearsal footage has emerged on Russian website (via SBS) performing his song exactly as described which has obviously got Eurovision enthusiasts excited, confused and consulting the rule book.

There is nothing in the rules that state a contestant can’t perform in their birthday suit, however, they do state that no live animals are allowed to be used on-stage during the performance.

They don’t seem to be too deterred by the rules though.

“We haven’t received any answer from the organisers yet,” Ivanov’s producer Viktor Drobish told

“But yes, Sasha will be naked on stage and there will be wolves.”

Apparently the wolves are a very necessary inclusion because they have a beautiful, metaphorical meaning.

“Every person identifies himself with a certain totemic creature,” Drobish said.

“Sometimes we suppress it in ourselves but sometimes we have to face it. We want everybody to feel the thin line between humans and nature.”

Our entrant for this year is Dami Im who will more than likely be performing fully-clothed and without wolves.

Watch: IVAN – Help You Fly

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