Every Avenue Singer Arrested, Spends Day Locked Up

The Michigan-based pop punk band Every Avenue saw their social networks absolutely explode following a short tweet from popular internet radio show The Gunz Show regarding vocalist Dave Strauchman being arrested for an incident where he simply stepped up to defend his dog.

“Dave from Every Avenue is in jail for pushing someone whose dog attacked their dog.” #FreeEADave @eadave

Dave Strauchman was obviously not available for comment at the time, though the hashtag #FreeEADave started trending almost straight away. The hilarity of the situation wasn’t lost on The Gunz Show presenter, who chatted with listeners about the story.

#freeEAdave where you at brooo i got your bail money for ya!@eadave

Stauchman spent the day behind bars for the incident, though fans let out a collective sigh of relief after a tweet came through from the probably very frustrated but thankful frontman.

“I’m out of jail. Longest day ever. Thanks to everyone and all my friends for the support. Love my boys…” @EAMatt @EAJimmie@EAJosh @dennisEA


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