Every James Hetfield ‘Yeah!’ Ever Has Been Compiled

Arizona radio host Kevin Conklin has compiled every single one of Metallica frontman James Hetfield‘s iconic mid-song sneers of “Yeah,” from the band’s 1983 debut Kill ‘Em All, to Beyond Magnetic, a 2012 EP which featured songs recorded during the sessions for 2008’s Death Magnetic.

The “epic soundbite” comes amid mounting anticipation for the band’s next album. Last week, they unveiled a demo of Lords of Summer, a new song debuted during the band’s recent concert in Bogota, Colombia. Though drummer Lars Ulrich says the song may not make the new album.

“We did the same thing when we went out and played a bunch of dates in 2006,” the drummer explained in an interview with Rolling Stone. “We were writing and played two different new songs over the course of that summer, and none of them made the record [Death Magnetic].”

Meanwhile, Hetfield has said that he is “itchin’” to start on a new LP, while Ulrich has said that the band have over 600 new song ideas. Notwithstanding a divisive 2011 collaboration with the late Lou Reed, Lulu, Death Magnetic, which received a lukewarm reception, was the band’s last album.

Listen: Every James Hetfield “Yea”… ever.

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