Ex-Killswitch Engage Vocalist Starts New Project With All Shall Perish Guitarist

Holy shit – the online metal community is currently abuzz with speculation surrounding the news that Howard Jones, formerly of Killswitch Engage, has started a brand-new project featuring All Shall Perish‘s relentless guitarist Francesco Artusato. Though the project is apparently only in the beta stages, we call this worthy reason for excitement.

Nothing has been 100% confirmed on the topic, but both Heavy Blog Is Heavy and Metal Injection have done the hard yards to come up with enough evidence to solidify the rumours into something resembling fact. Metal Injection‘s unnamed inside source has gone on record, stating, “We can confirm that this is a real project,” while the article adds, “I can also confirm that another member of the project is All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato. My source also says it’s still very early in the process but they are writing material.”

It was also revealed by prolific music industry identity Mike Gitter in a Facebook post that has since been removed that some members of Devolved will also be involved in the new band. Gitter’s Facebook also revealed that he is manager of Howard Jones Band, which is a bit of a giveaway…

Jones’s departure has been heavily documented, but the singer publicly stated he left in order to manage his type-B diabetes more efficiently. The last we heard of his booming, flawless vocals was Killswitch Engage’s 2009 self-titled album. Killswitch are currently being fronted by their previous frontman Jesse Leach. No-one’s complaining about the new arrangement – it’s amazing, but the world needs the voice of Howard Jones right now.

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