EXCLUSIVE: Stream Cub Sport’s Debut Album ‘This Is Our Vice’ Ahead Of Its Release

Brisbane indie-pop sweeties Cub Sport finally answered the long-held prayers of their fans by announcing the release of their debut album This Is Our Vice, which is set to drop with a glorious synthy splash tomorrow (Friday March 4th) and to celebrate, Music Feeds is thrilled to be hosting the Australian exclusive pre-release stream.

First releasing music in 2011 under their former name of Cub Scouts, the group helmed by talented dreamboat Tim Nelson have had a slow-burn towards this debut, which our reviewer describes as bringing “a new maturity and intensity to their sound, whilst still staying true to aspects like super clean production and infectious melodies that they established in their early work.”

Chatting to Music Feeds, Tim says of the album “This Is Our Vice is inspired by real life. It’s an honest musical expression of some of the most defining experiences for us over the last couple of years. It’s a blend of both joy and sadness, evoking a broad range of emotions all at the same time. When creating This Is Our Vice we wanted to go deeper than we had with previous Cub Sport releases.

“Our EPs earned us a reputation for making bright, catchy music and I guess one of our goals for the album was to create music that was still catchy and often bright-sounding but to marry up those qualities with with lyrics that are genuine and meaningful. Our hope is that these songs resonate with people and connect in a meaningful way. We’ve grown up a lot and wanted this album to be a reflection of that. ”

Go ahead and dive on in to the diverse indie-pop record below and make sure to pre-order your own copy ahead of its release tomorrow, right here.

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