EXCLUSIVE: Watch ‘Since I Left You’ From OutsideIn Festival’s ‘Since I Left You’ Set

OutsideIn Festival went off with a bang at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney on Saturday, 21st September, receiving much acclaim from punters and critics alike. One of the most lauded sets of the day came from co-presenters Astral People, who organised a band to perform The Avalanches‘ legendary album Since I Left You.

To celebrate the event, the band — consisting of Astral People alumni, including Jonti, Rainbow Chan, and Moktar Youngblood and Daniel Finn from Polographia — came into Music Feeds Studio to give us a sneak-peek of what the punters could expect on event day. Readers can check out their performance of the classic single Frontier Psychiatrist here, and their excellent rendition of the album’s title track below.

Bandleader Jonti spoke to Music Feeds about the inspiration behind the project and the direction it took, saying:

“The ‘Since I Left You’ album is my favourite album in the world and has come in at almost every important time in my life. The idea came about for this project when I was asked to contribute to the forthcoming album by the almighty Avalanches. I wanted to show my appreciation. In addition, I always wanted to play OutsideIn Festival and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to present the show.

“I got the green light from Robbie Chater from the band and then had 3 months to put it together. I found the people perfect for the project and it’s been nothing up fun… I’m excited to present this life affirming album to the world in a live format for OutsideIn Festival.”

Their performance of Frontier Psychiatrist was a unique and highly entertaining rendition of the Australian alternative classic. Their performance of Since I Left You is a similarly one-of-a-kind revamp of an Avalanches work, with live vocals, live instrumentation and live-spun samples combining for a new take on a piece of modern Australian music history.

Watch: Astral People Present: Since I Left You – Since I Left You


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