Fake 360 Fools 3AW Into On-Air Interview, Real 360 Laughs A Lot

A man posing as Australian rapper 360 has fooled Melbourne talkback radio station host Tom Elliott into giving an on-air interview regarding the real 360’s recent comments on ABC’s Q&A program.

360, real name Matt Colwell, posted a video of himself listening to the interview between Elliott and “360” as it aired live on Melbourne radio station 3AW.

“Just got a call saying Tom Elliot from 3aw was about to interview me live about my comments on QandA. This is the first I’d heard of it,” the rapper commented.

“So I recorded the interview and it is highly amusing. Tom Elliot, isn’t this the second interview you’ve interviewed someone posing to be someone else? Tom Elliot, do you even journalism?”

In the video posted by Colwell, Fake 360 kicks off the interview by asking Elliott, “Is this live or are you gonna quote me out of context?” Elliott confirms the interview was airing live at the time, despite the Colwell’s video showing he was in fact sitting at home listening to the interview, patently not talking to Elliott live on-air.

Fake 360 does a good job of convincing the talkback host that he’s the real deal. “Do you think Australia is full of racists and bigots?” Elliott asks. “Let me put it this way,” says Fake 360. “I’m legally blind in my right eye and even I can see the the country is inherently racist.”

The interview goes off the rails pretty soon after Fake 360 refers to himself as a “unicorn”, and claims to have been inducted into the Illuminati. “Didn’t you last week interview an ISIS fighter who turned out not to be an ISIS fighter?” says Fake 360. “Yeah, we did and we made a mistake,” responds Elliott.

It all comes undone about 6.5 mins in. “Are you sure you’re the real Matt Colwell here?” Elliott asks. “How much research actually goes into who you interview?” Fake 360 retorts. The interview wraps shortly after.

Elliott has since addressed his error on Twitter. “Spoke to someone who said on-air and off-air that he was rapper 360. Turns out he wasn’t. We shut the interview down immediately.”

Some are already speculating as to whether or not the rapper was behind the whole prank. Fellow Aussie rapper Urthboy tweeted, “If it turns out 360 is behind the fake interview Tom Elliot did w him, that’s utterly genius.”

“hahhaha #We’llNeverKnow,” responded Colwell. The real 360 has since announced a new show in Brisbane.

“1 thing i hope everyone takes from tonight is DONT believe everything the media tells you,” says Colwell.

Elliott last waded into this topic when he wrote a column for the Herald Sun, addressing 360’s Q&A comments regarding the Australian flag and racism.

Colwell slammed the column as “idiotic”, pointing out that lyrics attributed by Elliott to 360 weren’t actually 360’s, and took issue with Elliott’s comparison with racism experienced in Australia to racism overseas.

You can watch 360’s video below. Try not to laugh as he tries not to laugh, then laugh as he laughs a lot.

UPDATE 04/10/14: Melbourne rapper BK Ultra has outed himself as 360’s radio impersonator, and has also detailed the reasons behind his supposed shenanigans. 360 is yet to publicly comment on the true identity of the “360″ interviewed by 3AW.

Post by 360.

Photos: 360, Hopsin, Pez, Miracle, Lunar C – Sydney, Hordern Pavilion 05/09/14

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