Fake ‘Boombox Records’ Opened For Police Sting Operation

When a new record store opens up in the digital age you really do have to wonder where the funds are coming from but this is the last thing you would expect. Metro reports that London police set up a fake hip-hop record store as a part of a sting operation which led to the jailing of more than 30 people. Boombox records was set up in Edmonton, London following the murder of 5 people in the area during 2008.

The store ran as a fully stocked functional record shop and was staffed by police officers. Criminals were encouraged to use the store’s back room for drug deals where the police had set up hidden surveillance camera’s to catch them in the act.

According to London police Boombox had made a ‘negligible’ profit but Supt Lucy D’Orsi said: ‘Let’s just say I wouldn’t take it to Dragons’ Den.’

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