Fall Out Boy On My Chemical Romance Split – “You Have To Live Your Life”

While in town gigging on the back of their recent comeback, Fall Out Boy caught up with Music Feeds to talk shop and we brought up the recent My Chemical Romance split.

Since the 2005 release of Sugar, We’re Going Down you would be hard pressed to find any active music listener who isn’t familiar with the works of Fall Out Boy. As support for the then young outfit grew, they were highly vocal about their influences and inspirations, a major one at that time being My Chemical Romance.

Bassist Pete Wentz tackled the topic, which is obviously very close to the band’s heart, acknowledging that it had to have been hard for MCR to disappoint their fans:

“I think that, in some ways, we’ve probably been there. When you do a band like this, at some point, you have to live your life. You become so entangled in the band. So I definitely understand and appreciate that and they have a really hardcore fan following so I’m sure it’s hard.

“I got a chance to read the thing that Gerard wrote the other day – it was just really smart and from the heart and I think as a fan that’s something I would have really appreciated that at the moment.”

The band were yet to hear rumours of the My Chem break-up conspiracy and seemed as bewildered by the news as the rest of us. Once he got his head around it, Wentz approached the topic with caution:

“I don’t know. The internet is a crazy place… (laughs) I mean, they’ve always been a really theatrical band but I don’t think they would lead their fans on like this. It’s a dark road, you know what I’m saying? Then all of a sudden you couldn’t have trust with your fans.

“The real truth is that wouldn’t get you out of a record contract that way. It’s still signed in your name. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s fun.”

As fun as it may be, Pete still sees too many red flags for it to be real:

“I mean, when we took a break, anything we’d say would make fans think this thing, or another. I know that was painful for them. Obviously, like, Gerard speaks for My Chem, so it is what it is.”

Wentz added, “The good thing is that their music still exists, you know, so you can always listen to that. On top of that, I’m sure they’re going to do awesome things. They’re all good dudes and I’m sure whatever the next step is, it’ll be cool to follow.”. It’s important to remember that Fall Out Boy are the kings of sneaky reunions, so this could all be another well thought out ruse, making us simple pawns in their design.

Stay tuned for the full interview, which will be online shortly. In the meantime, check out the review from Fall Out Boy’s recent show in Sydney.

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