Fall Out Boy Singer Feeds Twitter Troll – “You’d Probably Like Me, Allow Me To Make That Impossible”

Fall Out Boy’s normally fairly placid vocalist Patrick Stump has let loose on his personal twitter account attacking a heckler with a rapid fire of short but witty remarks. It seems a blogger and professional troll named Shane Morris has incurred the wrath of Stump, having heckled the vocalist one too many times.

There doesn’t seem to be too much material on what happened before Stump lost his calm, but it sure as hell must have been something annoying. At one point, Morris is described as “a desperate heroin-addled Reno dinner theatre has-been” with Stump labeling the troll’s effort as “all shock”:

“‘AIDS.’ ‘Dead Babies.’ ‘Emo.’ ‘Eyeliner.’ ‘Kill Yourself.’ It’s fluff. It’s lazy.”

Morris is apparently a music manager, but the FOB vocalist would insist that the desire to take pot shows at musicians is a bad sign of his abilities, “It might lead one to think you’re a pretty shitty music manager. Not my words mind you; Your internal monologue’s. And work performance’s.”

Earlier in the year, Stump took to his blog to decry the increasing tendency for Internet cultures to gravitate towards ignorant, insecure hatred. Stump firing into a sad Twitter troll must be part of his enlightened, secure hatred campaign, then.

You can read the full battle below.

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