Fans Lash Out At 360 Over ‘Notorious 360’ Merch

360 has gone into battle via Twitter against fans who have attacked the Australian hip hop Poster Boy for his latest run of merch: a T-shirt depicting a baby of African decent with 360’s head superimposed.

Font around the image playfully reads ‘The Notorious 360 – When I Was Just A Child’ and appears to have crossed the line in the eyes of some of his fans, who tweeted their outrage at Sixty who, of course, fueled the fire by responding. The Boys Like You star is feeling the hate that often comes with multi platinum status, and while the T-shirt was done in good humour, bringing the issue of race into anything, you’re sure to get under people’s skin, even if they just want their turn to battle 360 online.

One fan in particular seems to have been very affected by Sixty’s success, tweeting the following:


Regardless of the few bad eggs, Come Together has so far been a huge success, punters, performers and security all happy with the environment.

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