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Fat Mike Responds to the Cokie The Clown Show

Written by Jason Strange on April 19, 2010

In what will go down as one of the most controversial acts in music this year, Fat Mike’s Cokie The Clown set at SXSW has been all over the ‘net and forums.

Equal parts applauded and criticised, the set saw Fat Mike tell some of the most disturbing stories you would ever want to hear in between songs and juggling. The incident that has really ignited debate is the “drinking his pee” stunt, where unaware audience members were given tequila shots mixed with his own urine.

Fat Mike has finally responded to the show for AP saying his aim for the set was “to do something that these people hadn’t seen before. I wanted to do the exact opposite of what everyone expected. I wanted to touch people and super-bum them out. I wanted to be brutally honest and sincere.”

In the interview he explains the basis for Cokie The Clown character: “Everyone knows the funny, drunk Fat Mike. Cokie is just the opposite: sad and half-sober. Cokie The Clown is damaged.”

To read the full exclusive interview head here.

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