Fave Triple J Voices, Alex Dyson & Kyran Wheatley Are Launching A Podcast And… Bar?

Ex triple j hosts, Alex Dyson (AKA Ratdog) and Kyran Wheatley are launching a podcast, Mirth.

Along with the poddy, they’re opening a bar… why? It isn’t clear. What’s the podcast about? Also, not entirely clear… but we are keeeeen.

According to their iTunes description, “Alex Dyson and Kyran Wheatley try to create a comedy podcast devoid of faff and untainted by triviality, and miss by a long shot. Like, not even close.

“But they do have interviews with cool people.”

There’ll be daily episodes of Mirth throughout the Melbourne Comedy Festival, where we’ll hear a bunch of guests including performers from the festival.

In Mirth’s teaser, Dyson says, “One thing that we did want to do was take our love of radio and take our love of beers, and somehow combine them.

“And so we’ve actually managed to do that through a whole lot of admin… we have managed to secure a little location where we can both do a podcast… but also have a bit of fun with our friends, having a few social drinks.”

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