Federal Government Commits $6 Million To Digital Community Radio

In a massive win for community radio, the Federal Government has today committed $6 million over three years to cover the shortfall in funding to upgrade community station to the digital network, confirming the future of 37 broadcasters across Australia.

In news from the Commit To Community Radio lobby group, President of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, Adrian Basso, said he was pleased the Government has listened to the needs of the community:

It’s fantastic that the Federal Government has listened to the needs of the community and delivered the funding required to keep digital community radio services up and running.

“Supporters of the Commit to Community Radio campaign sent tens of thousands of emails to politicians calling on them to commit to giving community radio services a secure future, and they’ve finally delivered.”

Melbourne’s 3RRR Station Manager Dave Houchin says that this is great news for the future of community broadcasting in Australia:

“Thank you to the Government for coming through with this funding, to the thousands of people who supported the commit to community radio campaign. This is a win for every one of the 4.4 million community radio listeners Australia-wide.”

This follows an initial lack of support from the Government in this year’s federal budget and a massive campaign from Commit To Community Radio, which saw support from over 43,000 people, including high-profile backing from Paul Kelly and Gotye.

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