Fetty Wap Turned Up To Court With $165,000 To Pay A $360 Fine

It’s always good to travel with emergency cash on you even in a bank card-driven world but US rapper Fetty Wap has taken that a little too far.

The rapper has had some huge hits in the past year or so with Trap Queen and 679, obviously earning himself a little bit of cash.

He had to go to court to plead guilty for driving with a suspended license among other things, although he told reporters it was because he was, “DWB-AR, driving while black and rich.”

He ended up copping a $360 fine but that was small change to Fetty Wap who had brought wads of cash with him totalling $165,000.

When he left the court there were photographers outside and he happily posed for photos with the cash, looking not one bit worried that one gust of wind could blow it all away.

He also wilfully disclosed how much money he was holding before walking away to no doubt find somewhere else to spread his money around.

Watch: Fetty Wap Leaves Court With Wads Of Cash

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