Flume Is Doing ‘Like A Version’ Next Week, Here’s What We Think He Might Cover

UPDATE 02/12/16: Flume has performed his first ever Like A Version. Watch it in full, here.

ORIGINAL STORY: Pray for next Friday to come quickly, because it’s just been announced that Flume is taking to the triple j airwaves to tackle the Like A Version covers segment for the very first time next week.

You really couldn’t get a bigger artist right now to do Like A Version, given that Flume just won eight ARIAs and is about to embark on another huge national tour, starting tonight in Perth.

It’s not known what he’ll perform for Like A Version just yet, since it’s his first one ever and triple j have already teased that he might be joined by some collaborators, it will no doubt be something pretty special.

The all-conquering producer also releases his Skin Companion EP today, made up of songs that came together around the same time as his Skin album.

It sounds like this won’t be the last EP we hear from Flume for a while either. The producer revealed yesterday that he’s got “loads of music right now” and is also looking to pop out more EPs in the near future.

Flume will take to triple j for Like A Version next Friday, at the end of Matt & Alex’s farewell ‘5 Raves In 5 Days’. They’ll be exhausted, so it’ll be up to Flume to keep them awake and raving.

Here are a few songs we reckon Flume could cover for Like A Version next week which would definitely do the trick.

Bon Iver – ‘Flume’

Flume named himself after this Bon Iver song from the record For Emma, Forever Ago, so it’s only fair that the producer takes on the song at least once in his life. Of course, the acoustic number is worlds away from Flume’s expansive electronic stylings, but it would be interesting to hear him pull it into a completely different world.

John Farnham – ‘You’re The Voice’

The only thing that stopped the ARIAs being all about Flume was John Farnham bringing the house down at the end with You’re The Voice, so maybe it’s time for him to reclaim the spotlight. We’ve never had a huge electronic remix of our unofficial national anthem, and while many could argue we don’t need one, it would be fun to see what Flume could do with it. Maybe Farnsey would be on board to jump on the cover as well?

Darude – ‘Sandstorm’

Triple j‘s Matt & Alex pride themselves on being sort of responsible for bringing Darude’s Sandstorm back into the public eye, and so it’s only fare that they’re farewelled with the huge rave anthem at the end of ‘5 Raves In 5 Days’. C’mon Flume, you can do it.

Nick Murphy – ‘Stop Me, Stop You’

Flume’s web of Aussie muso friends stretches far and wide but none sticks in the public’s mind better than the bromance between Flume and Nick Murphy (FKA Chet Faker). The pair collaborated numerous time and even released a joint EP Lockjaw together. Maybe it’s time the Flume/Murphy connection was brought back into the public sphere once again, sort of, by Flume covering Murphy’s latest drop.

Alice Deejay – ‘Better Off Alone’

Flume has this amazing playlist on Spotify which is made up entirely of throwback trance tunes, all of which would be perfect for Matt & Alex’s rave. There’s no Sandstorm unfortunately but there is this amazing cut that Flume would do a banging job of. There’s also room for a great female vocalist on here, and we reckon Vera Blue, who Flume performed live with at Splendour In The Grass this year, would fill that role beautifully.

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