Flume Says He Wants To Go “Lo-Fi” On His Next Album

In many ways, 2016 has been the year of Flume. Not only has the Sydney electrolord been shredding global charts with his latest album Skin, he’s also been busy lighting up stages at some of the world’s biggest music festivals including, of course, that star-studded headlining performance at this year’s Splendour In The Grass.

And now that he’s ticked all that off the ol’ bucket list, the earth-conquering producer has his lasers locked on album number three. And what exactly is he planning? Well, in the words of the great Monty Python


In a new interview with inthemixHarley Streten (aka Flume) reveals that he’s become “bored” of his Skin sound and wants to go in a completely new, lo-fi direction for album number three.

“Now that I’ve put Skin out, I’m like… awesome! I’ve done my big, grandiose, clean record, with lots of big sawtooth sounds,” he says. “Now I’m kind of bored of it, and I want to do lots of more sample-based stuff, like actual world sounds. So, like, maybe a vocal that’s been recorded and make it into a chord.

“I kinda want to go a little more lo-fi, I guess. But that’s how it works – you get excited about one thing, then you go to the opposite for a bit.”

And he’s got just the office space for it all to go down. Flume’s just up and bought himself a shiny new van, complete with bed and portable studio, and he’s planning to go bush for the duration of the production process.

“I’m gonna go to national parks, take my surfboard, by myself, and just go surfing and… write another album in that. That’s the plan,” he says.

You do you, Flume. You do you.

But before the sound wizard’s big Man Vs Wild recording experience gets underway, you can catch him performing live at huge venues across Australia this November and December.

Gallery: Flume @ Splendour In the Grass 2016, Day 3 / Photos By Maria Boyadgis

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