Flume Vs One Direction Fans – Haters Hating After 1D Beaten In Charts

In a recent interview with The Music Network, EDM sensation Flume has recalled the somewhat unwelcoming response from One Direction fans, known as One Directioners *rolls eyes*. Apparently the fans weren’t too gracious in defeat, and felt the need to stand up for their now runner-up idols.

Flume’s self-titled debut album went to #1 on the Australian iTunes charts with a bullet, usurping One Direction’s spot in the process. Everyone over the age of 16 got a laugh out of that, but some people were heartbroken. “Making the music was never about getting stats, going Gold, being number this or that, so having all these stats and things is just a big bonus… I’ve got to admit, though – beating One Direction was seriously satisfying,” Flume explained.

He continued, “I got a bit of hate mail from young 1D fans saying stuff like, ‘Who the fuck is Flume?’ which was great and I enjoyed every one of their letters.”

But the burgeoning producer chose to see the glass as half-full. “I think it’s really cool that young teenagers – 14, 15-year-olds – are choosing to listen to my music,” acknowledging the possibility that his music “hopefully helps educate a more open-minded generation of kids”.

The full interview is sure to have some more juicy deets on the topic, but that won’t be out until next week.

Flume’s album hit Gold status at the end of last year. You will be able to catch him in all his live glory at Laneway Festival.

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