Aussie Radio Host Ash London Cops Death Threats From One Direction Fans Over Louis Tomlinson Comment

Australian radio host Ash London says she’s “off socials for a bit” after receiving death threats from One Direction fans, following a light-hearted comment she made about former 1D member Louis Tomlinson’s appearance.

The 2DayFM personality felt the wrath of Tomlinson’s fanbase overnight, after jokingly saying the singer had “ratty facial hair” while she introduced a prerecorded interview.

“Just so we’re clear, because I’m a very visual guy, Ash London — he’s the guy with the smaller face with the short brown hair, yeah?” London’s co-host Ash Williams asked before the interview (below) went to air, to which London replied, “Kind of like ratty facial hair.”

“He’s not Harry Styles basically,” added London’s other co-host Ed Kavalee. “He’s the least popular one.”

“But he surprised us all with this solo music,” said London.

The death threats which followed, which Music Feeds has chosen not to publish, were backed by other negative and abusive comments on Twitter:

London eventually switched her Twitter profile to private, but later went public with a statement, saying, “I am a music fan. I love that it brings so much passion out in people.

“This morning on air we had a great interview with Louis. As always — he was a total legend. I loved talking about how far he’s come, his new music and his future which looks so bright.

“We love Louis and will continue supporting him and his new music as we have always done.”

London’s statement somehow made things worse, after Tomlinson replied her tweet and said, “Probs best to stay on private for a bit longer love!”, adding a rude finger emoji.

As the death threats and abuse escalated, London released a second statement saying she was going “off socials for a bit”.

“Tough day. A lot of people claiming I said some things which, in reality I simply didn’t,” she said.

“What I can apologise for, is describing the quality of someone’s facial hair in a light hearted chat with my two co-hosts. For that I’m sorry. All the other stuff? Simply not true. Not me.

“I’ll be off socials for a bit — the abuse and threats are a little much for me right now. I won’t go on private because I don’t have anything to hide. In future I’ll do what I always do — stick to the music and leave any mentions of facial hair out of it.”

Others came out in London’s defence, and criticised Tomlinson for allowing his fanbase to abuse her.

London’s Twitter profile remains public at the time of writing.

You can hear her full interview with Louis Tomlinson, below.

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