Fooled Again: Daft Punk Won’t Be Releasing New Material…Yet, Anyway.

It appears that the cautions (that the news was totally garbage) that came with recent news that Daft Punk will be releasing a new track in July were in fact true. Pitchfork has announced today that it was all a hoax, much to the disappointment to fans worldwide who have been tricked before.

As we reported yesterday, French Electronic magazine Tsugi reported that they had news on the hugely popular French Duo that no one else did: the name of their soon-to-be-released album Renoma Street and a release date of 21/7. But the ever persistent Daft Punk Fansite has debunked the claim.

It’s no surprise really. In March it was announced that a new Daft Punk album would be coming out in June, which was obviously a total lie. Then again, when DJ partners The Third Twin started spreading rumours that they will be performing with Daft Punk at Spain’s Arenal Sound Festival, management put the foot down, telling people that Daft Punk will not be performing, nor the same two producers under any other stage name.

What IS looking to be true, though, is reports that there is, in one form or another, new Daft Punk material in the pipelines, set to include contributions from disco-funk veteran Nile Rodgers, songwriter Paul Williams, and disco god Giorgio Moroder.

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