Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Suing Billy Corgan For ‘Nearly Killing’ Wife

…And the crazy thing is, nothing has been exaggerated in that headline at all. Former Greys Anatomy star McSteamy is suing The Smashing Pumpkins frontman after a wild storm sent one of Corgan’s backyard trees through the roof of Eric Dane‘s house, narrowly missing his heavily pregnant wife.

According to TMZ, Corgan had been warned by neighbours about the potential danger of his massive eucalyptus trees on his Beverly Hills property, but didn’t do anything about them. A huge storm then smashed the area, uprooted one of the 50ft giants from the ground and transported it into his neighbour McSteamy and wife Rebecca Gayheart‘s residence.

Gayheart was home at the time and found herself having to escape the crumpling abode, dodging fallen power lines and rising flood water levels. Oh yeah, and she was 9 months pregnant at the time. The couple have since filed a lawsuit against the rock star, suing him for ‘nuisance, negligence, and injunctive relief’ and demanding unspecified damages.

Corgan has told TMZ that he “was horrified when I learned about the tree falling during what was a massive storm, a storm with winds strong enough to uproot a 50 ft tree by its base! Thankfully, no one was injured.” He used words such as “patently untrue” to describe the lawsuit, which he has also said was “a shame … because [Eric and Rebecca] are nice people”.

Poor Corgan can never seem to catch a break. Let’s hope that the soon-to-be re-issued Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness can cover his court costs.

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