Franz Ferdinand Announce New Album ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’

Excellent news to kick off your weekend: Franz Ferdinand are back with a brand spankin’ new album, titled Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action – you can just hear Alex Kapranos singing those words already, can’t ya?

Their first in more than 4 years, this newest of albums will hit Australian shelves on Friday, 23rd August, just in time for that almost-certainly-but-not-quite locked in Harvest Festival appearance for November.

We’ve already heard over half of the 10-track album, with an assortment of tracks including Evil Eye, Fresh Strawberries, Brief Encounters, Treason! Animals (previously reported as Trees And Animals) and the sort-of title track Right Action (previously known as Right Thoughts, below) having their live debuts over the last 10 months or so. If these onstage iterations are any indication of what we’re in store for RTRWRA (new acronym!) then we’re in store for another monster Franz album come August.

Alex has said that this album is representative of “the intellect vs the soul, played out by some dumb band”. Assuming the dumb band in question is Franz Ferdinand, we can expect to hear more of those sharp and tasty hooks accompanied by the art school sensibilities that propelled them to superstardom off the back off mega-tune Take Me Out, though this time we’ll likely see them shake off the unwanted excess of their pop trappings for something altogether leaner and more exciting.

Time to get you waiting pants on, kids – we’ve got three months until this bad boy drops, which is plenty of time for the promo cycle to lumber into action. Expect singles, videos, interviews and a whole lot of Franz news coming your way in the next 12 weeks, and Music Feeds are gonna be all over it. Yee-hah!


Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action tracklist

Right Action

Evil Eye

Love Illumination

Stand On The Horizon

Fresh Strawberries


Treason! Animals

The Universe Expanded

Brief Encounters

Goodbye Lovers & Friends

Watch: Franz Ferdinand – Right Action(Live)

Watch: Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye (Live)

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