Free Download: Azealia Banks’ New Mixtape ‘Fantasea’

Music Feeds has been closely following the progress of Azealia Banks’ upcoming mixtape Fantasea, posting updates every time the vocalist released another track. In May it was Jumanji, a track notable for steel drums, punchy lyrics and producers Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook.

During June, Banks unveiled Aquababe, a track that had changed from it’s original title Regis Chillbin. Then earlier this month fans were treated to Nathan, which featured the rapping talents of Styles P.

Now the continual updates are no longer necessary as Banks has made Fantasea available for free download in its entirety. As reported by NME, the new mixtape boasts 19 tracks, including three previously unreleased tracks from Banks and a cover of The Prodigy’s Out of Space.

To get your free copy of Fantasea, head over to Azealia Banks official Twitter account (which the performer returned to 4 days after leaving the social media site) and click on the link at the top of Banks’ profile.

Azealia Banks – Fantasea – Track Listing:

1. ‘Out Of Space’

2. ‘Neptune’ (Featuring Shystie)

3. ‘Atlantis’

4. ‘Fantasea’

5. ‘Fuck Up The Fun’

6. ‘Ima Red’

7. ‘Fierce’

8. ‘Chips’

9. ‘Nathan’ (Featuring Styles P)

10. ‘L8R’

11. ‘Jumanji’

12. ‘Aquababe’

13. ‘Runnin”

14. ‘US’

15. ‘Pardiso’

16. ‘Luxury’

17. ‘Azealia Skit’

18. ‘Esta Noche’

19. ‘Salute’

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