G Flip Gets Real About Her Mental Health For Support Act’s ‘Tune Ups’ Series

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly massively impacted the live music sector and its ability to operate. It’s been a tough year across all fronts for the industry, which is why it’s apt that at this time, the team at Support Act have put together the Tune Ups video series.

This revealing, impactful series will tell the stories of seven artists and industry figures, going deep on each interviewee’s personal mental health journeys. In some subject’s cases, the clips will reveal how the pandemic has affected them and their careers. But on the positive side of things, the series will also highlight what it’s taken for each subject to take control of their mental health situations and how they’re maintaining that control.

Next up in the series is G Flip. At the start of last year, she was packing her backs to move over to LA where she had worked to set up a life for herself, with studio sessions booked and everything.

Then, the pandemic hit. Just two days before she was scheduled to fly out.

“It’s scary, because you think you’re never going to get out of it,” she said of her mental health in the clip. She talks about how picking up exercising helped her change her frame of mind and get into healthier patterns.

The series aims to tell truthful stories about mental health, showing that anyone and everyone can be affected by these issues.

“Now more than ever we need to ensure that conversations around mental health happen publicly and regularly, especially in the music industry which sees alarming rates of mental illness persisting,” says , Support Act’s CEO,Clive Miller.

“The Tune Ups content series is not to sensationalise, but to show people they are not alone and that there is support available.”

Watch G Flip’s episode below and check out Support Act for more information.

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