Gene Simmons Paid “A Few Hundred Million” To Reform Led Zeppelin

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has revealed a story testament to how badly the world wants Led Zeppelin to reunite. A certain music promoter has offered the iconic rock star a few hundred million just to convince the surviving members to get back together.

Speaking to The Sun, Simmons explained that “In 2009/10 I was given a few hundred million dollars in an account by a large concert promoter and given the task of reaching out to Jimmy and Robert and trying to convince them to get back together.”

Simmons was only required to use his personal connections with the band members to simply nudge them down the road that would lead to a reunion tour. The plan hatched after the band got together for their 2007 reunion at the O2 Arena, but according to the musician, “Robert just doesn’t want to do it.”

The interview doesn’t divulge whether or not Simmons was able to keep the money, but for the sake of a good yarn, let’s say he did.

The Zep will be releasing the live DVD of Celebration Day, shot at the 2007 reunion. That will be available November 19, with a delux option available containing rehearsal sessions as well as news coverage of the event.

Kiss are set to return Down Under with buddies Motley Crue next year.

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