Gene Simmons Features In An Early Contender For Most Cooked Image Of 2020

Gene Simmons: bassist and frontman of KISS, male floozy, and… cereal abuser. Yeah, three days into 2020 and Gene Simmons has shared with us a genuinely cooked image.

Taking to Twitter, for some reason, Simmons shared with the world, an image of the most controversial bowl of cereal ever seen. We’re not talking that ~edgy~ take where they pour milk into the bowl before their cereal either.

Gene Simmons decided to share with us that he puts actual ice cubes into his cereal. Not a subpar cereal either. Ice cubes, in a hybrid bowl of Oreo O’s and Frosted Mini Wheats.

“Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” he tweeted alongside the absolutely f*cking cursed photo set.

We have questions. Is the milk cold? Is he combining ice cubes and cupboard-stored long life milk? Does he chew the ice? What happens when the ice melts? Does Gene Simmons like watered down cereal? Is he okay?

His own son Nick Simmons replied to the tweet confirming the news, “30 years. 30 years watching him do this. This is my life.”

People are absolutely pissed about it too.

KISS were meant to perform in Australia at the end of last year, but ended up cancelling the tour. They did, however perform for our great white sharks.

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