Ghost Reveal Plans For New Australian Tour In March 2019

Hail satan! Aussie Ghost fans, your demonic prayers have been answered by the black-robed clergy, with the band revealing plans to return to Australia early next year.

Speaking with Music Feeds contributor Riley Fitzgerald, Tobias Forge (AKA Cardinal Copia, FKA Papa Emeritus I, II & III) revealed the unholy metal church FINALLY have a solid strategy to head back down under, after their rumoured 2016 Aussie tour plans went up in flames with the demise of Soundwave Festival.

“Yes, finally. Finally, we have a plan,” Forge said.

“I’ve been asking about it, I’ve been working on it for four years, but it has been such an uphill [battle]. Ever since the Soundwave Festival disappeared and that whole lack of organisation — what that caused made a big impact on the live scene as you might have noticed.

“And that did definitely affect our chances of coming down there as well, which annoyed me a lot because I really truly from the bottom of my heart love touring Australia,” he added.

“Finally, now we are looking at something realistic. By the looks of it now we will be there in March next year.”

March next year? That would likely put the satanical Swedes’ next Australian tour right on schedule for Download Festival 2019, which will take place in both Sydney and Melbourne next year.

Ghost performed as part of Soundwave in 2013, before returning for Big Day Out in 2014.

While we wait to find out more about their next tour, you can catch Ghost’s fourth studio record Prequelle when it drops tomorrow, along with our full chat with Tobias Forge.

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