Go Inside The Wall Of Death Thanks To This Batshit New 360 Video

Pants, prepare to be shat. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to enter live music’s most unforgiving structure but been too concerned with self preservation to ever attempt it yourself (pussy!), here’s a little insight for you.

Life inside a wall of death has been captured, for the first time, in 360 degree detail thanks to a new video shot during German extreme metal band Heaven Shall Burn’s set at Resurrection Fest in Spain earlier this year.

As Alt Press points out, thanks to YouTube’s new 360 degree feature, you can adjust the position of the camera to experience the rib-crushing human stampede that erupted during the band’s set from every angle.

And for those of you who wall-of-death on the reg, you can test out whether the video measures up to the real experience.

Check out the clip below (and if you can’t access the feature, then your browser probably doesn’t support it and you should maybe consider get a new one).

Watch: FIRST WALL OF DEATH 360º- AMAZING!! Heaven Shall Burn (Resurrection Fest)

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