Grimes Says She’s Making An “AR Musical”, Drops New Song Demo ‘Pretty Dark’

Grimes has been a little quiet since she dropped last year’s ‘We Appreciate Power’, but now we know why – she’s working on an “AR Musical” because of course she is.

Today, she’s given us a demo of a new song titled ‘Pretty Dark’, but it’s not a single from her upcoming album. Instead, it’s from an AR musical she’s working on. Old habits die hard.

As for her upcoming album, she did give us an update but it’s not one we wanted to hear. On Twitter, she described the album as too “amibitious/taking too long.” In the video’s description on YouTube, she says “while im finishing my album im just gonna start casually dropping stuff as I see fit.”

The last full album we got from Grimes was back in 2015, with her stunning Art Angels.

Read her tweet and listen to ‘Pretty Dark’ below.

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