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Winifred Drops New EP ‘Carpet of Flowers’ With Title Track And A Music Video

Townsville’s ethereal alt-pop artist Winifred has released her new EP, ‘Carpet of Flowers.’, along with a title track and music video. The EP made its debut on triple j’s Home and Hosed.

The song ‘Carpet of Flowers’ draws inspiration from the beauty and fragility of nature, mirroring the human experience. Winifred’s enchanting harmonies bring this theme to life, with lyrics expressing a desire for love as gentle and like a carpet of flowers.

Winifred – ‘Carpet of Flowers’

The track was written during a walk through Islington, where Winifred listened to poetry before heading to a session with London-based producer Tutara Peak.

Winifred reflects on the writing process, describing ‘Carpet of Flowers’ as a journey. “I see ‘Carpet Of Flowers’ like a journey, almost like a written/visual allegory where the verses and pre-chorus represent the low places and the chorus’ represent the high places. As we were writing, I could feel the production and lyrics capturing my imagination and embodying my senses.”

She adds.“‘Carpet Of Flowers’ has this ethereal quality that touches on the intangible and is about asking myself the same questions repeatedly and never rising above the state of being constantly perplexed and wanting.”

Alongside the EP release, Winifred has also shared a music video for ‘Carpet of Flowers,’ deepening the visual narrative she began with previous singles from the album ‘Blue Fire,’ ‘Want It Bad,’ and ‘Fixed On You.’

‘Carpet of Flowers’ Tracklisting:

1. Carpet of Flowers

2. Fixed On You

3. Blue Fire

4. Want It Bad

5. You Know How It Ends

You can stream the full EP here

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