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Poppy Announces New Album ‘Zig’, Shares Lead Single

Alt-pop singer Poppy (real name Moriah Poppy) has announced she’ll be releasing her fifth studio album Zig on Friday, 27th October. The album – the follow-up to 2021’s acclaimed Flux – was recorded with longtime collaborator Simon Wilcox and producer Ali Payami, and according to a press release is “filled with bold, electronic beats, and deep metal rock riffs reminiscent of early 90s industrial sounds”.

Poppy has also shared the first single from the record, the dark and pulsing pop cut ‘Knockoff’, which comes accompanied by a video directed by L3ray – have a listen below.

Poppy: ‘Knockoff’

Zig will also open with the single ‘Church Outfit’, which Poppy released in April this year; another single ‘Spit’, which was released in May, hasn’t been included in the tracklist.

The album follows the release of her EP Stagger, which landed in October 2022. Like all of Poppy’s releases so far since the release of her debut Poppy Computer in 2017, it was a mish-mash of influences, from electro to industrial to pop to metal.

“I just have a lot of interests, and things that I find fascinating,” Poppy told Kerrang! after Stagger’s release last year. “It’s deep-rooted. It’s not a passive enjoyment, it’s a very all-encompassing pleasure. [With my music], I go with what I’m interested in, and what I would like to be singing, and when I get bored of it, I’ll change it.

“I think that’s what part of this life is about: exploring what you’re fascinated in, digging deeper into it, and then when you get bored of it, do something else. It’s really boring to make the same music or album over and over again. I think I would be very sad all the time if I was trying to do that.”

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