Guitarist Of Aussie Band Crossfire Hurricane Actually Gets Hand Caught In Crossfire

Daniel Unwin, the guitarist of Warrnambool band Crossfire Hurricane has given the band a legitimate reason for possessing its band name by accidentally shooting his hand with a gun.

Unwin had just moved to Melbourne to continue pursuing his music career and had taken up a removalist job to support him.

While on his third day of the job, Unwin found a gun on top of a wardrobe in a house they were moving furniture out of, originally thinking it was a toy-gun.

“The fella who I was working with pulled the gun off the top of the wardrobe and said ‘if this hit you in the head it would hurt’,” Unwin told The Standard. “I said ‘give it to me’ and as I held it, it just went off.”

Thankfully, the bullet managed to pass through his hand without hitting any bones, however, the guitarist did have to undergo surgery to remove the lead. He won’t be picking up his guitar anytime soon with the recovery expected to take three to six weeks.

According to 9News, the 31 year-old mother of two who owned the Essendon home has been charged with illegally possessing a gun. She will appear at Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on 19th October.

Here’s wishing Daniel Unwin a speedy recovery.

So in other news Choppers our guitarist and lead singer has had a bit of an incident with a gun and his hand yesterday….

Posted by Crossfire Hurricane on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

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