Harvest Festival Brisbane Evacuated Due To Dangerous Thunderstorms

Bit of a heads-up for all you banana benders currently on your way in to check out the sights of Harvest Festival, Brisbane. The crazy weather of the past few days has proven unrelenting, resulting in the festivities being halted until further notice.

Harvest organisers shot out the urgent message via Facebook, advising punters that the grounds are currently being cleared as the storm currently smashes the venue. Organisers also confirmed that the show will go on, once the weather is cleared and it is deemed safe to do so.

Update: The show is up and running again, Beck starting up on The River Stage

Fans have been understandably upset as it is unclear whether or not they will be able to watch their favourite acts on the bill perform later, or whether they’ve missed them altogether. AJ Maddah has spoken out also, telling festivalgoers to be calm as they leave the grounds, and that “we’ll run late if we have to”.

So if you’re heading in, maybe go for a few more laps around the block beforehand, but don’t give up altogether: This too shall pass.

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