Hear DZ Deathrays Tear Up A Christmas Classic

Sigh, Christmas is almost upon us. And while it’s often a joyous time, where having nothing but sliced meat and beer for lunch is acceptable, we’re almost always relentlessly punished by the same old corny christmas songs. Thank baby Jesus for DZ Deathrays, then, who’ve decided to liven things up with a very merry rendition of Lonely This Christmas.

Released by English glam rock act Mud in ’74, the Deathrays duo present a loosely faithful rendition of the original, and they’ve typically made a helluva racket in doing so.

DZ Deathrays may not have the killer hairdos or sweet-as suits that Mud sport in their original clip (below), but the Brisbane boys pack plenty of punch, which your parents will undoubtedly appreciate when you blast it through the speakers on Xmas morning. Just remind them it’s not even close to being the worst Christmas song of all time.

DZ Deathrays are currently on tour in Europe before returning home for Mountain Sounds Festival 2015. Their latest album Black Rat is on the 2014 Coopers AMP longlist.

You can listen to DZ Deathrays’ cover of Lonely This Christmas and watch Mud’s original below. On ya, lads! Now, where’s the ham at?

Listen: DZ Deathrays – Lonely This Christmas

Watch: Mud – Lonely This Christmas

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