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Image for Hear Incubus’ First Single In Four Years, ‘Absolution Calling’

Hear Incubus’ First Single In Four Years, ‘Absolution Calling’

Written by Sam Murphy on February 6, 2015

It’s been four years since we last had an Incubus record, but things are starting to heat up over at the Incubus camp with the release of their new single, Absolution Calling.

Absolution Calling is the first studio single from their next release and follows the live debut of Trust Fall, both of which are slated to appear on the first of two EPs, which combine to form an album, planned for release this year.

The first EP is scheduled to drop “in February or March”, as guitarist Mike Einziger told Billboard. Speaking to American radio station KROQ Brandon revealed that the first EP will be titled Trust Fall Side A and the second will make up Side B.

“We’ve always made albums…we kind of grew up with that like many of us in the world but I don’t think people under 30 have that in their consciousness anymore and that’s fine”, said lead-singer Brandon Boyd on the decision to switch up the way they release the album.

Absolution Calling is a typically arena-sounding rock track with howling guitars and soaring vocals. It’s destined to make a big impression live, which is lucky because Australia will be one of the first countries to experience it live. Incubus will tour the country at the end of this month with Soundwave and also play two Sidewaves in Melbourne and Sydney with Antemasque and Le Butcherettes. We’d hazard a guess that you’ll hear more than just a few slices from the forthcoming album.

Listen: Incubus – Absolution Calling

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