Helgorithms Bass Player Breaks Leg On Stage

During a show on Friday evening, the bass player for New Zealand band Helgorithms suffered a horrific leg-break whilst on stage.

Bailey Roiall told theMusic that during most shows he enjoys getting into the energy of the crowd, and jumping around the stage. “So what happened was that we were playing a song and what I like to do occasionally is jump and push myself from the wall,” he said.

Roiall didn’t quite land one of his jumps, and as a result broke his tibia and fibula – leaving his leg almost at right angles. “I’ve done it many times before but this time I landed awkwardly… I knew straight away it was fucked really, as I came down and saw and heard it click.”

Someone at the gig managed to get a snap of the leg in question before Roiall was presumably whisked off to hospital. “You may have seen/heard that Bailey broke his leg at the gig on Friday… Brutal,” read a Facebook post.

Update 23/05/2016: The show actually took place at Ding Dong lounge in Auckland, not in Melbourne – as originally reported.

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