Henry Rollins Smacks Down Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Moral compass to us all and habitual good dude Henry Rollins has lived up to his rep on The Project, smacking down Australia’s stance on same-sex marriage and looking us dead in the eyes while doing so.

Rollins took a detour from his current speaking tour of Australia to join The Project panel last night, where he touched on a number of hot topics, but it was his clear and succinct take down of our position on same-sex marriage which really hit home.

“This marriage inequality flap you’re having is below your country, it is below your conversation,” he said. “You should just get rid of it, let two men get married. You’ll wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine. You keep on going.”

Rollins, who correctly worked out that all this hubbub about same-sex marriages ripping apart the fabric of society is just so dumb, didn’t stop there.

“This is really below the intellectual quotient of the conversation that Australia should be having, now and forever,” he said.

“It really is below you. It makes you look bad. In my country, those people who hate two men getting married… makes my country look bad. You should squash it and move on, as fast as you can.”

Watch Rollins smack down Australia’s same-sex marriage debate on The Project, below.

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