Here’s Metallica Playing The US National Anthem On Ice, Ahead Of The Stanley Cup Final

Heavy metal, Ice Hockey and America. It all want to down at once at the recent Stanley Cup grand final. The showdown between the Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks has kicked off in Americana style with a performance of the stirring national anthem by none other than Metallica.

The band’s legendary axemen James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett donned culturally appropriate clothing for the event as they tapped out a tasteful, and accurate flip of The Star-Spangled Banner. If anything, the boys played it far too safe. No shred, no 7-minute solos, no input from Lars Ulrich for us to ignore.

Nothing, really, for the Metallica fan – everything for The Star Spangled Banner fan though. Which is cool, we guess, but you know…After Flea’s divisive effort we got our hopes up for something with a little more…pizzaz from the metal greats.

But maybe they’re just tired from being so creative for their new record? Though to be real, they’re looking fairly grey. Maybe they’re just straight up tired?

Don’t let your silly knowledge of the underwater ecosystem fool you, either, at time of publish the Penguins have it over the Sharks 2-0.

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