You Can Own The Guitars Metallica Used For Today’s US National Anthem Performance

It wasn’t enough for Metallica to nail their performance of The Star Spangled Banner, televised internationally, note for note at today’s Stanley Cup final, now the band have announced that they will be auctioning off the two guitars used with proceeds going to charity.

Yeah, what have you done today?

Guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett donned their favourite jerseys for the performance which ushered in the final NHL bout between the Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks. It’s with the latter that the auction is officially presented.

Both guitars are ESPs, with one being Hetfield’s standard Flying V and the other a Kirk Hammett signature model, the KH. Together, the instruments have so far fetched around $11,000 at auction which is a solid chuck of change, all of which will go straight to The Sharks Foundation and Little Kids Rock.

What’s more, the instruments are signed by all four members AND people from other countries. So if you’ve still not done anything noteworthy today, why not buy a super cool used guitar? The auction will close on June 15th.

Aside from their recent Star Spangled Banner performance, Metallica have been working on their highly-anticipated 10th studio album, which is supposedly heavy AF. Last week, drummer Lars Ulrich revealed the album will be finished over the American summer, with the band hoping to get it released by late 2016.

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