Hilarious Video Advertises New Nickelback App To Help You Through A Breakup

The latest innovation in modern anti ex-stalking technology is here, with the power to give you the self control that, let’s face it, you just don’t have.

The developers behind such successful mobile apps as Period Tracker and Fro-Yo Finder have teamed up with international rock n’ roll sensation Nickelback to bring you Nickelblock, the handy new social media app that prevents you from Facebook stalking your ex, by blasting Nickelback songs every time you try.

And the best part? “It doesn’t stop until you do”, meaning that, if you want to keep perusing that sociopathic mofo’s photos and recent online interactions to figure out whether or not he or she might have moved on before you, then you’ll have to endure such Chad Kroeger-fuelled hits as Photograph, Rock Star and How U Remind Me.

The fast-acting ex-stalking solution is guaranteed to work within 15 seconds or less.


And even better? For just $2.99, you can download the entire Nickelback discography!

Getting over your ex isn’t easy. But fast-acting Nickelblock is! Watch the video below to find out more*

*Nickelblock is sadly not a real app, but the ingenious brainchild of comedy company Lady Products. But it’s never too early for a spot of lighthearted Nickel-bashing. Enjoy.

Watch: Nickelblock – It Doesn’t Stop Until You Do

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