Hold The Phone… Could A Mallrat & Pierce The Veil Collab Be Happening?!

Two musical worlds have collided, with young gun Aussie producer Mallrat snapped hanging out with Vic Fuentes of California rockers Pierce The Veil.

Both parties seemed pretty stoked to be in each others’ company, each posting a unique snap of the encounter on Instagram.

“Mallrat x @piercetheveil ??” Mallrat captioned her post, causing fans to go into meltdown mode over the prospect of a potential impending musical collab.

“Holy crap please be doing a song together,” one punter posted.

“The dream must come true make a song,” added another, amidst thousands of other “holy shit” reacts.

While we wait to see if anything more comes from this, or whether it was nothing but a fleeting stan moment between two talented musicians from very different worlds, you can check out Vic & Grace’s posts below!

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