Holy Shit You Guys! Looks Like Australia Will Be Hosting The First Ever Asia-Pacific Version Of Eurovision

Hold on to your green & gold tinsel mullet wigs and get ready to soil your sequinned undies because in the biggest thing to happen to Australia since Maccas introduced all-day breakfast, the great land Down Under looks set to host the first ever Asia-Pacific version of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Our heads are spinning with so many burning questions: Would it still be called “Eurovision” if it’s not in Europe? And would Australia still be allowed to compete in Eurovision itself? And would the winners from both competitions then square off against each other in some kind of Globo-vision competition for ultimate worldwide supremacy?

Only time will tell. But for now, here’s what we know: Australia’s had its first taste of Eurovision and now it can’t get enough.

SBS has acquired an exclusive option with the European Broadcasting Union to establish an Asian version of the annual song contest extravaganza, and as the ABC reports, Australia is set to host the inaugural event, which could take place as early as NEXT FREAKIN’ YEAR.

If finalised, Eurovision Asia would bring together songwriters and performers from across 20 countries, and would go on to be hosted in other competitor nations following its Aussie debut, reaching an annual estimated audience of ONE BILLION.

The hectic news comes after Australia was invited to compete in Eurovision for the 2nd year running, and unveiled former X-Factor winner Dami Im as our 2016 champion.

On the concept of making Eurovision Asia a thing, Director Paul Clark from SBS Eurovision production partner Blink TV told The ABC:

“Asia has an astonishing set of musical and visual cultures, and it will make for brilliant television.

Imagine — the musical virtuosity of Bollywood, the cutting edge of K-pop, and the excitement of Chinese and Japanese artists — now the biggest music consumers in the world… it’s a thrilling idea.”

True. But you’re forgetting one important ingredient m8:


Whichever way you slice it, this is HUGE NEWS for Australia, Asia and all of humankind.

As Pedestrian.TV notes, this legitimate poll from the SBS site says it all:

sbs poll




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