Watch San Cisco, Katy Steele And Stella Donnelly Cover The Sleepy Jackson’s ‘Good Dancers’

Over the weekend, ABC’s live music program The Sound paid tribute to Perth indie heroes The Sleepy Jackson, with a trio of local stars performing a cover of the band’s 2003 Lovers hit ‘Good Dancers’.

The rendition, filmed at Victoria Hall in Fremantle, was led by San Cisco, who were joined by Stella Donnelly and former Little Birdy frontwoman Katy Steele – the sister of Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson (and Empire of the SunDREAMS, H3000, et al.)

It’s a gorgeous rendition that stays relatively faithful to the lush, soaring euphoria of the original, with plenty of sublime vocal harmonies shared between Steele, Donnelly and San Cisco.

“It’s been a part of the Western Australian music DNA since the song came out, and I think for all of us, it’s just been part of our lives,” said Donnelly when introducing the song.

“It was kind of the first time the world heard The Sleepy Jackson was when they heard that song, so it’s kind of special for me as well,” Steele added.

San Cisco’s Scarlett Stevens went on to talk about how the band had directly inspired San Cisco’s early musical direction. “When San Cisco got together, I think our biggest influences were probably Sleepies and Little Birdy. So, it’s been a joy to cover this song.”

Watch the rendition below.


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